I love to design and build anything and everything.

Born in Connecticut, the offspring of two artists, my mother a painter and my father a kinetic sculptor, I was constantly surrounded by new creations of the aesthetic and interesting. With both their studios in the house that I grew up in, I had the tools, supplies, and encouragement to draw, paint, fiddle and build. 

I became enthralled with sciences through high school and went on to begin my higher education in mechanical engineering school at the University of Colorado. However, as much as I enjoyed Engineering I couldn't leave my lust for the arts and started a small jewelry company that made its main sales through art museum stores, notably the MoMA here in New York.

I then found industrial design and studied this, my newly discovered dream field, and went on to graduate with honors from Pratt Institute. 

I believe strongly that design can and will improve the quality of life of the human race. Through better understanding of how people interact with and use objects and digital interface, we can exploit common intuition to make the understanding of the functions and tools of the design obvious and therefore allow it to transcend the need for instructions or direction enabling the user to be more efficient and effective.

I love to design and create.

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